What is NumberOneProviders?

NumberOneProviders enables making an investment seamless. NumberOneProviders takes away the strain and planning required to store and invest on a everyday basis through its automated and easy-to-use platform. Your savings additionally generate pursuits till a hard and fast maturity date. For Muslims who just want to keep without incomes pastimes, we have the automated halal savings alternative.

How do I know what plan is right for me?

All of the investment options on NumberOneProviders are tailored towards a particular need. If you're looking to get started on investments or diversify your portfolio, then pre-vetted, low-risk investment opportunities are regularly available on NumberOneProviders to help you grow your money.

How are you able to offer higher returns than traditional banks?

This is simple. We do not have the high-cost base of traditional banks. Our operations are lean, driven by our proprietary technology. We invest our customers' funds in risk-free instruments offered by the Debt Management Office (DMO) and a few low-risk investment opportunities such as corporate bonds and high-quality commercial papers. These cost savings are passed to our customers in the form of higher returns.

How secure is my information?

All financial information is encrypted and stored to PCIDSS Level 1 compliant standards. PCIDSS Level 1 compliance is a set of rules stated by credit card companies and audited by an independent third party. It is the highest possible rating one can get in the electronic payment processing industry. Additionally, all transmission to our banking partner and on our site is via an encrypted 256-bit HTTPS SSL connection.

How does 2FA work on Piggyvest?

This is an added layer of security on transfers and withdrawals on your Piggyvest account. To set your security question, simply log into your dashboard and click on "Account" then select "My Account settings" Click on 2FA: Enter a security question (ensure this question is unique to only you), then follow through with the required steps.

Is my Investment really guaranteed?

All investments come with a possibility of loss. However, we select only the highest quality, long term growing assets. So bottom line is, your investments are quite safe. We avoid speculative investments and manage your assets with the best standard of care.

When do I withdraw my ROI?

You can withdraw any time after the request has been made, funds will be sent to your bank account and can also be sent to your Flex Naira account instantly, and then you can withdraw to your set bank account anytime.

Can I choose any amount to withdraw per time?

Yes But we have minimum amount that can be accessed from your ewallet, you can! Simply log into your account and click on the withdraw option, then input the amount you want to withdraw.

How do I withdraw my ROI?

You need to have filled your bank details in your withdrawal settings then, click on the "withdraw" option on your dashboard, enter the amount you want to withdraw and your funds will be transferred to your set bank account within the stipulated time (not more than 3 working hours).